Mom Style: Skinny Jeans and Leggings- Fairly Fashionable Friday

Lately I have become slightly obsessed with fashion.  Luckily I am also slightly obsessed with bargain shopping, so it isn’t putting too much of a hit on our bank account.  Many of the current style trends are really appealing to me as a mom, and looking around the mall and  city streets I see that I am not alone.  Leggings, flat boots, stretchy skinny jeans, long shirts and sweaters, tunics, and cardigans are all really mom friendly styles (i.e. comfortable), plus they look great and make you look really put together.

iDad always laughs at my ability to change into cozy pants in record timing once we are in for the evening, and leggings are the ultimate stylish cozy pant.  The key to wearing leggings, is long shirts- they have to cover your bum!  No excuses, unless you are 13 and even then I say, cover it up!  In terms of footwear, I love my flat suede slouch boots, flats, heels, and my hot mama leather high heel boots.  I love them with booties too, but I haven’t found any that work for me (that’s a whole other blog post).  Ain’t No Mom Jeans has a great post on what footwear to wear with leggings.

My best friend (a new mom), and I have been going on weekly trips to the mall to update our closets.  Last week our trip was focused on skinny jeans.  I have a couple pairs, but I was trying to convince her to try them on.  She is very thin, but still wasn’t convinced that skinny jeans were for her.  Of course she looked fantastic in them, and bought a pair.  The truth is, skinny jeans can look good on a variety of body types, (not just skinny minis like my friend). Because the bottom half of your body is so narrow with skinny jeans on, you can wear really flowy shirts or tops with more weight or layers.  I also really love skinny jeans with a short dress and boots.  I feel like the darker the wash the better, but some people can definitely pull off a light wash.

J Crew has a fantastic skinny jean, Matchstick jean- not too high or low rise.

Gap has an affordable flattering skinny jean- Gap Always Skinny Jeans.

I love my Forever 21 skinny jeans- they are really cheap and confortable.

Don’t fear the skinny jeans, and they aren’t disappearing anytime soon!


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Introducing K

Every mom thinks that their own kid is the greatest, and I am no exception. She’s a great mix of sweet and spirited, silly and determined, snuggly and independent. While I can’t wait to see the child that she becomes, I so love the toddler that she is.

How can you resist those cheeks?

Snowflakes on my nose and eyelashes

She loves her boots!

Lazy Sunday- reading in PJs

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Monday’s Musings: Confessions of a Laid-Back Procrastinator

As a SAHM mom of a daughter under two, I LOVE what I am doing but find that I want to challenge myself more so now than ever before.   I have this newfound desire to do things that I wasn’t able to do when I was working 75+ hours a week as a marketing account sales rep.  I either didn’t have time or didn’t realize that I was missing that part of my life.  Life was consumed by work and staying afloat within my personal life.  There was no time for extras.   I surprisingly seem have more time for self-reflection now, and want to ensure that I don’t lose my sense of self. Yes, I am K’s mom, but I am also a wife, a daughter, a runner, a reader, an aspiring fashionista …..

The only problem with this desire to challenge myself, is that I can be a bit of a lazy procrastinator.  Sure I want to better myself, but can’t I start tomorrow?!  I think that motherhood has made my procrastinating style even worse, as my days sometimes seem to run together and I rarely have any kind of deadlines.  Self-imposed deadlines are easily to moved to tomorrow, next week, next month.

I’m really hoping that by documenting some of my ideas within this blog, that I will be able to hold myself accountable.  I owe it to my daughter to be a confident and fulfilled role model, even if it is a semi-procrastinating one.

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Budding Fashionista- Mom Style

One aspect of my life that went downhill after my daughter was born was my sense of style.  I transformed my own love of clothes to a near obsession with my daughter’s clothing.  Oh, she had (OK- still has), the most fabulous clothes.  There is something about little boots and pint sized tunics.  I can’t resist!  OK…where was I, oh yes, my own sense of style (see this is how it happens)….I had not gotten to the point of wearing sweats and track suits, but boy was it getting close.  

Over the past couple months, I have slowly woken from my style slumber.  I read many blogs, and one in particular captured my interest and made me excited about clothing for ME again. She’s Still Got It Lindsay’s blog takes a fun and educational look at trends and fashion Do’s and Don’ts. Her blog is still my style first style read, and I now subscribe to 15 different style blogs. Some of my favorites are….. Adored Austin, Aspiring Fashionista, Fashion Captive, and Fashion Advice for Moms from Audrey

These blogs have inspired me, and I want to incorporate this into my blog. Every Friday I will write about some of my favorite trends and styles- maybe even some pictures of my outfits (hits AND misses). I hope that you will join me for Fairly Fashionable Fridays!

What are some of your current favorite trends?

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The Journey

So here it is…my first blog entry.  My husband, who is my greatest supporter, has been encouraging me to start a blog for months.  I do everything in my own time, and had to wait until I had an idea that I was excited about.

I’m still getting my bearings, but I think that this blog will follow my journey to rediscovering myself within this relatively new job that I have- motherhood.  I love, love, love being a mom and am happily a staying at home.  I wouldn’t change that for the world.

With that said, I found that I was forgetting about myself in that first year of my daughter’s life.  My style went to comfort, I wasn’t exercising, my eating habits were lazy, and I wasn’t pursuing any of my passions.  I have recently begun to change that, and thought that a blog would be a fun way to chronicle this journey and hopefully keep me motivated and engaged.  That is the goal anyway, so let’s see if I can find the Me in Mommy!

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